Day 13: Importance of spreading the message of truth

Factual Pursuit of Truth for Progress

By Adam Ugwuanyi

Allah, in many parts of the Quran, made it clear why we should spread the message of truth during Ramadan. This involves calling people on the right path by telling the truth.

A chapter of the Quran was named after an ‘ant’ who made effort to guide her people from destruction. The bird was also honoured in the Quran for the same act.

The Quran is filled with messages warning the people against calamity. Allah said we are followers of the last prophet, Muhammadu (SAW). Prophet Isah, according to our belief will return to the world to live a normal life. He will marry and have children and also kill the antichrist.

Allah says “you are the best generation of mankind ever raised” because you are those that will command what is good. You will also forbid people from doing what is wrong and believe in the oneness of God.

Allah commanded the Prophet to tell the people about good and bad. So our Muslims, we are expected to do good, not otherwise.

Watch full sermon below:

Ramadan Lecture Day 11 – Importance of spreading the message of truth


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