Day 17: Things that nullify fasting

Factual Pursuit of Truth for Progress

By Alhaji AbdulFatai Abdul-Rauf

Physically one may think he/she is performing Ramadan without knowing that this exercise is futile.

Here are things that can act against our fast:

1. Whatever nourishes our boby

Any item that would serve as nourishment to our body must be avoided, especially those in fluid form be it injection, drip or drugs.

2. Whatever enriches the body

Also, don’t take advantage of the water used for abolition to the extent of cooling your tastes. By exaggerating your ablution, you may hamper your fast.

3. Excretion of siemen

There are instances where persons in reaction to certain desires ejaculate. If this occurs, one has nullified his fasting for that particular day.

4. Intentional vomiting

Prophet Muhammad (SAW) said whoever makes himself vomit, must make up for the fast. Hence, we must avoid anything that lead to this.

5. Food, drink and sex

6. Eating and drinking before the stipulated time.

7. Unintentional eating and drinking.

8. Deliberately eating food remnants in our teeth.

9. Apostasy

In Islam, fasting is meant exclusively for believers. Otherwise is forbidden.

However, to make up for any lost day, one would have to fast for 60 days, free slaves or/and feed the needy.

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