#EndSARS, Lekki and other killings

Factual Pursuit of Truth for Progress

Many difficult, unpleasant but predictable developments are unfolding in our country as we speak and our role as the mirror of society is now more sensitive, hazardous and profound than we might have experienced before now.

I urge that we keep and maintain an even keel, despite the emotional and visual turbulence of the immediate world around us.

I know everyone is in shock. I’m expecting journalists to report rather than just lament. However, I have refrained from giving directives lest it be presented as if management is putting staff in harm’s way in these dangerous times.

KAFTANTV or KaftanPost, as a matter of policy, is not barring journalists from reporting and publishing or airing facts. We are also not pushing anyone beyond their personal boundaries just to trend or be sensational. Life is sacred.

We must be accurate, factual and professional.

KAFTAN TV has set up a N5m relief fund to assist casualties and the bereaved. We can only do our duty to country and citizens according to law and humanitarian principles.

Our intervention is that of a media establishment. We will remain ethical and humane.

God Bless Nigeria🇳🇬


  1. God bless you Kaftan Post and TV. Hope none of your news crew members was injured. We pray that God strengthens your establishment in your venture to report the truth always… God bless you and replenish your purse for reaching out to the bereaved families with the fund you set up.


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