‘Fake News’, Rita Dominic, Okwo react to twin girls rumour

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Nollywood actress, Rita Dominic, has reacted to news of her childbirth.

News had travelled yesterday about the actress allegedly having her first child, a set of twin girls in the UK.

The blogger went further to say that Rita and the babies are doing fine.

In reaction to the news, Rita posted a video of a man reading a newspaper. And on the newspaper, ‘Fake News’ is boldly inscribed on it.

Her business partner, Mildred Okwo, also spoke with newsmen stating that the news is baseless rumour.

He said, “You see somebody on set today, and the next day they have twins; I do not understand.

“If Rita has had a child, would I not send a press release to you guys? Common, it does not make sense.

“Can you imagine? She took a picture while on a movie set. She posted a picture; she is on a movie set; maybe I should call her to find out if she has given birth.

“It is bloggers that are peddling fake news. Kindly ignore them. If she has a child, there is no way that I would not make the announcement and I will definitely not talk to bloggers.”


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