How I was brutally criticised in Nollywood over tribe, skin colour – Actress Idia Aisien

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Nollywood actress, Idia Aisien, in an interview has revealed how her skin colour and tribe had affected her progress in the movie industry.

She made the revelation in an interview with Chude Jideonwo. Idia said her latest project, ‘Nneka, the pretty serpent’ was heavily criticised because she wasn’t an Igbo girl.

She said netizens are always harsh on female celebrities. She said it broke her heart when the movie was released and the only thing on people’s lips was her tribe and skin colour.

Idia emphasised on the need to have more dark skinned women in the industry and they should also be recognised.

Some part of the interview read, “When it first came out in the cinemas, I was a little bit heartbroken by some of the comments that people were leaving. Comments about me not being light-skinned or Igbo, about me destroying what meant something to a lot of Nigerians.

“Nigerians loved their veteran actors. They love their Nollywood classics. So, it was something that I just wished people could see how much passion went into it at the time.”

“Nigerians need to be kinder to women, we don’t like women in this country because if you look at everything in terms of job, pay, and how women are treated.”

She also made references to the award-winning American movie, Black Panther’. She said the movie is based on Africa countries yet the Americans pretended to be Africans and the movie was well accepted.


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