I feel sorry for women who marry for money – Ruth Kadiri

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Nollywood actress, Ruth Kadiri, has urged women not to marry for the financial gain alone but for happiness and peace.

The actress made this post on her Instagram account on Tuesday, June 1, to plead with women who make it the goal to only marry wealthy men or go into a marriage for financial gain.

According to her, she has never seen a woman who simply want peace in her marriage before any other thing, instead, they are always after money and ‘God fearing’.

“I’ve heard many say I want a rich husband, I want a God-fearing man, I want this and I want that. Yet I’ve never seen one person ask for the only thing that can make their union work. PEACE.

“I feel sorry for sisters who go into marriages, union, for money. Oh I feel sorry for you. Some claims I have my money I just want a man who has more money.

“Others downright know in their heart they do not have it enough to take care of themselves so they want someone who will meet the needs they themselves cannot meet.

“Not judging you. Pls, my sister add peace of mind to that list. I repeat add peace of mind should come before money.”

Kadiri, a mother who recently married, said a woman with a peaceful home is richer than the one married into wealth.

“A married woman who has peace at home is richer than a woman who married a billionaire without peace.

“Also pls note that as a single girl, you’re bound to have more value for money than you would when you’re married.

“So if you go into marriage because your spouse is rich, regardless of what they spend of you, you are most likely not going to be happy,” she concluded.


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