Indian police burst illegal kidney trade led by Nigerian

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Police in India, on Monday, arrested a 30-year-old Nigerian, Adudim Obinna, over alleged involvement in illegal kidney trade.

Obinna was arrested after the police raided his apartment in Bagalur, north east division of the city, on initial charges of overstaying.

The police discovered that the Nigerian was “cheating the public by offering to facilitate the sale and purchase of kidneys for huge amount of money.”

A statement by the police, said the suspect and his syndicate would put out messages on social media claiming that they dealt on kidneys.

“Obinna would put out messages on social media saying he deals in kidneys and those in need of the organ or willing to sell, can contact him,” the statement reads.

However, during interrogation, it was discovered that the accused would then swindle anyone who showed an interest in getting a kidney for transplant.

“Acting on a tipoff that Obinna was overstaying, cops visited his house in Jagalahatti village and arrested him.

“Police took him into their custody for more questioning and later arrested him on discovering his involvement in the kidney racket.”

The statement further read, “We were checking his documents and found his visa had expired on April 18 this year. We also found that he was trying to delete some emails and messages on his laptop.

“On inspection, we found multiple mails and messages, saying he deals in kidneys and those who are in need of it or want to sell, can contact him.

“Suspect Obinna confessed that he had cheated many people on the pretext of buying or selling kidney.”


  1. Wonders shall never end. How does this one get the kidney he sells? Does he have the license from any government body to do such business?


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