‘Jab by July’ slogan extends UK’s COVID-19 vaccination plans through summer

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All adults in the UK will get the first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine by the end of July, according to the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

This births the ‘Jab by July’ slogan as the country is desperate to ease its third nationwide lockdown.

In a bid to achieve this, the PM will lay his roadmap for reopening, today, Monday.

The September target for inoculating all adults will no longer stand, going by the latest development.

So far, the U.K. has given the first dose of the coronavirus vaccine to 17.2 million people, meeting its target to vaccinate 15 million people from high-risk categories by mid-February while about 604,800 people have received their second doses.

The country is now hoping to give a first dose to all those over the age of 50 by April 15. Its previous target for the age group was the end of April.

According to Johnson, “Hitting 15 million vaccinations was a significant milestone — but there will be no let up, and I want to see the rollout go further and faster in the coming weeks.

“We will now aim to offer a jab to every adult by the end of July, helping us protect the most vulnerable sooner, and take further steps to ease some of the restrictions in place.

“But there should be no doubt — the route out of lockdown will be cautious and phased, as we all continue to protect ourselves and those around us.”


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