‘Kayanmata’: Five things every Nigerian man must know

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By Toyin Ogunwumiju

‘Kayanmata’ has its origin from the northern part of Nigeria. Literally, the word ‘Kayanmata’ means ‘woman property’. They were used by couples to give their sex life a boost. It also used by married women to keep the fire of love burning in their husband’s heart.

Truly, there is efficacy in these products as it lingers on some women’s lips. But in the world we live in today, young ladies have abused it to enchant men, attracting attention and expensive gifts.

Many Nigerian men tend to go extra miles to please their partners sexually. They are, however, ignorant of the dangers of using sexual drivers.

Here are five things every man must know about this product:

1. Spiritual implications 

Men must be careful as this sexual boosters have destroyed the destiny of many. The effect of Kayanmata cannot be overemphasized. Young girls now infuse diabolical means in making this product. These things may not have consequences until later in future. Women have resorted to many methods in gaining favour from men. You may even be a victim to this hypnotism without even realising it.

2. Dangerous to your health

These products do not have expiry dates, hence it is harmful to one’s health. Consuming safe food and drugs must be your priority. They do not have dosage or any medical prescription. One will end up being an addict.

3. Serious health complications

Women who use this drug may be exposed to certain health problems such as eye defects, dizziness, kidney problems, liver damage, pelvic inflammatory diseases etc. You can also be prone to infections like vaginal candidiasis or discharge.

This in turn can be transmitted to their male partners.

4. Marriage/relationship issues

Kayanmata could ultimately lead to marital/relationship issues. When a man finds out the source, it might be unexplainable.

5. Risk of cancer 

The market demand for Kayanmata seed grows daily. Even on social media, it is largely demanded. The popular sex therapist, popularly known as Jaruma Empire, said in one of her YouTube videos that about 30 women consult her daily.

This product makes you prone to cervical cancer. Know what is at stake before using it on yourself or your partner. Cancer is a respecter of no one, young or old; the rich or poor.


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