Kingsley Emoh, the evil spirit inside the mask

Factual Pursuit of Truth for Progress

Since Kingsley Emoh failed in his attempt to kill Senator Ubanesse Igbeke, we have seen an increasing number of hatchet writers, he hired to go after the Senator with anything they can muster. It is as if he is saying, “if I can’t kill the Senator, I can at least kill his reputation and honour.” It does not matter to Emoh that the office of the Inspector – General of Police is already investigating the matter with meticulous vigour.

Emoh always brags about his closeness to the top echelon of Police authority and probably, that is why he has not been sobered, even by the gravity of his plot against the Senator or the consequential repercussions of such plots. Rather he has been brainwashing many poor persons he has hired as pseudo writers and using them to pour invectives on the Senator. Fresh from the inglorious plot of killing Senator Igbeke, Kingsley Emoh has dived headlong into another murky scheme, this time to rewrite well known history and embark yet again, on another adventure of defamation, libel and slander, all in the curious effort to pull the Senator down.

Penultimate week, one of his pseudo writers, who re – baptized himself to become “Chuka Nkem Valentine” raised the bar of falsehood to the level of insanity and outright hallucination. I do not intend to join issues with the ghost writer on his many insane allegations because he has obviously become possessed by Kingsley Emoh’s deceptive spirit of falsehood, exaggerations and self destruction, which as stated earlier, is Emoh’s end game after he became entangled in his own murderous web to kill Senator Igbeke.

However, I will point out some of the outrageous lies that littered the writeup in issue. The ghost writer claimed to be from Nsugbe but it is a naked lie. Detailed investigation revealed that no indigene of Nsugbe bears “Chuka Nkem Valentine” and no bonafide Nsugbe indigene would dare the Nsugbe Council of Elders as this ghost did when he lied again as others before him, that Nsugbe Community had excommunicated the Senator. We shall soon discuss this matter more succinctly but for now, it suffices to know that anyone embellishing falsehood in public space often begins with false identity in order to avoid the law. If the re – baptised ghost claims otherwise, I challenge him to name his village and kindred in Nsugbe Orula. If he cannot take up this challenge, then he is what he is, a pathological purveyor of lies, just as his paymaster, Kingsley Emoh.

I understand that Emoh is drowning in the sea of his own treacherous plot against Senator Igbeke and the resort to name-calling and fabrication of malicious lies against the Senator is his last desperate act to seek relevance and catch cruise, especially now he doesn’t want people to know how sunk he is in his plot to kill the Senator. I will like to warn all the people who are monetized by Emoh to wage media war against the Senator, using false information and accusations, that everyday is for the thief but one day is for the owner. On that day the long hands of the law will catch them and Kingsley Emoh cannot help you because he will have no help to offer, for everything he made you write are fabricated lies. You will have no excuses but to suffer the punishment for libel and defamation, all by yourself as Kingsley Emoh will be fighting for his life in another front.

It is hilarious to think that Emoh’s instruction to his hatchet writers could be thus, “if you can’t find anything bad against the Senator, then say anything, no matter how malicious or outrageous”. And the goons like this one calling himself, “Chuka Nkem Valentine”, are really living up to the instruction. This particular goon told an outrageous lie when he referred to the Senator as the owner and founder of an Enugu based business called, “LET’S PARTNER WITH YOU”.

This is a contemptuous lie that was intended to be used to disparage the Senator. Sen. Ubanesse Igbeke does not deny knowing Chief Patrick Nwokike, the Founder and CEO of “LET’S PARTNER WITH YOU” and does not deny friendship with him. However, it is malicious, frivolous and outrightly insane to involve the Senator with the affairs of the company, just because he savours relationship with the Owner/Founder. The company is registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) and nowhere in the records is the Senator listed as a member of the company and nowhere in the hierarchy of the company is the Senator quoted in any position in the company’s activities. Fact check proves this is another lie from Emoh’s catalogue of lies.

And yet again, the ghost writer sunk into the pit of falsehood when he wrote that the Senator dropped out of Secondary School at Ogbunike Boys High School. It is Kingsley Emoh’s instruction for his gang to say anything, no matter how outrageous or malicious. That’s the reason for this unintelligent lie. The truth however is that, Senator Ubanesse Igbeke attended Government Technical College, Onitsha and passed out brilliantly with his City and Guilds Certificate. The school still exists and this record can be verified. Later in life, even after achieving enormous success in business, the lure of education took him to the University of Nigeria, Nsukka, where he bagged a Second Class, Upper Division Degree in Accountancy. Secondary School dropouts don’t attend Universities. Moreover, Senator Igbeke had variously contested elections for the House of Representatives and the Senate of the Federal Republic. He won and was sworn in on both occasions. On both occasions he submitted his relevant certificates for verification. Senator Igbeke has been in public space for a very long time and no contradictions were ever found in his academic qualifications and no one ever challenged the veracity of his Certificates. This is another desperate lie by Kingsley Emoh and his gang.

I am yet to understand what Emoh’s motivation could be when he began to circulate the false story that the Nsugbe Council of Elders had excommunicated the Senator from the town. It is well known in intimate circles that Emoh is highly mendacious but this nature of brazen falsehood, even against the Council of Elders is suggestive of hallucination or insanity. His ghost writer in obedience to the instruction, if you don’t find anything against the Senator, say anything, echoed the same brainless lie in his diary of lies.

I advise the man, AKA Chuka Nkem Valentine to tread with caution because what he wrote will bring him into confrontation with the Council of Elders, which has come out to denounce and disclaim the story, as they never made any such declaration. Angered by this deliberate plot to use their good offices to impugn the integrity of their illustrious son, the Council of Elders first pronounced in their meeting of January 25, 2023, that anyone who spreads further the rumour that they exiled the Distinguished Senator would be sought out and punished. Then in their meeting of February 18, 2023, the Elders stipulated a fine of One Hundred Thousand Naira for anyone who would continue to associate the Senator’s name with the 8 criminals that were arrested and handed over to the Police by the Nsugbe community. They reiterated that the decision to hand over the criminals to the Police was the collective decision of all Nsugbe and had nothing to do with the Senator. They therefore held, that anyone who drags the Senator’s name into the matter of the criminals or insinuates the exiling of the Senator shall not only pay the stipulated fine but shall also be excommunicated from the town.
Finally, the Council of Elders expressed their willingness to bear witness against anyone should the Senator decide to take the matter up against the person.

This is why I advise the youths that Emoh is misleading to tread with caution because when the push comes to shove they will be on their own, without any thread of defence against the catalogue of defamation Emoh had coerced them to commit against the Senator. To be forewarned is to be forearmed. Avoid becoming Emoh’s mask and avoid the evil spirit inside the mask. Emoh’s ship has capsized with his failed attempt to kill the Senator and he must not sink with you.


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