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Celebrating the 101st anniversary of the Founding of the Communist Party of China

On July 1, 2022, the Communist Party of China and the Chinese people celebrate the 101st anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China. The Nigeria-China Friendship Association expresses its congratulations and best wishes!

I would like to express my admiration. The Communist Party of China led the Chinese people to break the shackles of colonialism, defeat the multinational coalition forces, bravely raise up the banner of anti- colonialism,which played a leverage role in the wave of national liberation movements in the world. The establishment of New China has greatly inspired the confidence of the African people to seek national independence.

I am very fortunate to have served as the Nigerian ambassador to China, which allowed me to witness the achievements of the new China. It ’ s surprising to see such achievements occur in China with a large land area and population, which is worth studying in Nigeria and other countries. Within a few decades of its establishment, New China has become the second largest economy and the largest economy by purchasing power parity. This has never happened in human history. I mean, achieving the rise in the way of peace has
never happened in history. Throughout history, the emergence of powerful nations has always been accompanied by wars, ranging from wars between the two countries to world wars in large ones, but China has never invaded any country or fired a single shot. If you look back in history, the rise of all superpowers, from the Athenian Empire to the Roman Empire,from the British Empire to America’s manifest destiny,to the rise of modern Japan,modern Germany,almost all of them, actually all of them were accompanied with Great Bloodshed,colonization of entire continents,killing off and enslavement of entire populations,invasions,wars,all of them, but it’s not so in China.

This is why I envy and admire the Communist Party of China. China’s peaceful rise is a major contribution to mankind, and it provides another model for world peace and development, and it’s a good model.

On behalf of the Nigeria-China Friendship Association, I would like to extend our best wishes on the occasion of the 101st birthday of the Communist Party of China. I wish the Communist Party of China a long-lasting foundation and lead the Chinese people to live a better life.

Nigeria-China Friendship Association
Chairman of the Board of Supervisors of the Nigeria-China Friendship Association, the former Nigerian Ambassador to China


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