South Africa: Zuma returns to prison as court terminates medical parole

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Former President of South Africa, Jacob Zuma,has been ordered by the country’s high court to return to jail after setting aside the decision to release him on medical parole, a court judgment reveals on Wednesday.

Recall that the 79-year old began medical parole in September, and is serving a 15-month sentence for contempt of court. Zuma handed himself in on July 7 to begin his prison sentence, reports Reuters.

The High Court in Pretoria ordered that Zuma, 79, “be returned to the custody of the Department of Correctional Services” to serve out the remainder of his 15-month sentence.

Zuma, who was convicted of contempt of court earlier this year, was granted medical parole after serving less than two months in jail. The Helen Suzman Foundation challenged the decision.

The jailing of Zuma in July was the catalyst for the worst civil unrest in South Africa since the country’s first non-racial elections in 1994.


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