Twitter went too far by insulting Buhari – Yemi Solade

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Nollywood actor, Yemi Solade, has slammed Twitter for deleting the President’s tweet.

According to him, the act was an insult to Nigerians and the leaders and should be dealt with.

He said this during an interview that recently surfaced the media.

Solade claimed the population of Nigerian citizens dominating Twitter should be of importance to the management of the app.

He claimed that the app should be used to create positivity and not for the negative aspect of it. According to him, an app majorly used to foment trouble and project anarchy should be curbed.

In an excerpt of his interview, he said, “I think Twitter went too far insulting the President of Nigeria and by extension insulting all of us. The most popular black nation on Earth.

“Nigerians make Twitter thick and this is not the first time Twitter has tried to humiliate Nigerians.

“The white supremacy should be curbed sometimes. As much as I’m of the opinion that everybody has the right of expression but when a platform is used to foment trouble, to project anarchy, there should be rules…”


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