What your style says about your personality?

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By Adesoba Toluwalope

Your style says a lot about your personality. You are just yet to figure that out.

When they say, “you get addressed how you dress”, they were not joking. Sometimes we pass a message from afar about who we are by a glance at our styles.

Some dress to look chic, others do it for work or for a certain event. Some do it for comfort and others just want to flow with every trend.

However, there are statements you can make with your styles before you open your mouth to strike a conversation. Here are different styles depicting different personality;


A creative person is always thinking outside the box, the DiY set, those who can fix any wear or outfit without doing too much. They style from wearing ankara on shirts, to adding a statement handmade bag to their dressing. They always give room for people to ask where they get their products from so they can tell them, “i made it myself”.


This category of people dress stylishly, with well cut materials, well put together blazers with shirts. You never see them do too much yet they are always looking elegant. They are mostly in suits, shirts and pump shoes. Excellent for work and outdoor meetings. They are confident, elegant and conservative. Loves expensive or designer outfits. Always keeping up with the latest fashion trends.


As the name implies, this category wants to be noticed everywhere they go. They overdress most times so the spotlight is on them. Often come late to events, yet with a strong personality. Always trying to make a statement with their style. They are assertive with a strong personality.


This category of style is comfortable in everything. Outgoing, always ready to interact with people, friendly. Most times in jeans trousers, a top, a sandal heel, sneakers and flats. Some are minimal, while some just love to keep it clean with quality fabrics, yet not loud. It doesn’t mean they are broke, they just don’t like the attention.


They are best described as vintage wears. Always look presentable, attractive and sometimes seductive. They are more feminine, with long, soft and luxurious hair. Nice makeup and nice heels to accentuate their behind.

They wear nice floral outfits, body con dresses and dresses with slit.

Which one of these personalities best decribes you?


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