Actress Eniola Badmus stirs reactions as she shares swearing-in ‘asoebi’

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Angry netizens have berated actress Eniola Badmus for sharing an ‘asoebi’ with APC candidate’s Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s logo on it for the party’s swearing-in.

Nigerians who are still fuming over the delay of results from INEC pounced into her comment section to drag her by her waist trainer.

In one of her Instagram stories, she had shown a picture of the Adire. She said people can stand placing their orders. She wrote, “Swearing-in kampala is ready. Holla if you want.”

Some called her shameful while some directed curses at her.

Here are some of the comments;

“You should be ashamed of yourself supporting a man that rigs election to win, shame on you.”

“Nigeria will happen to you except there is no time and space.”

“Na only your hope they won Renew please I dont want to renew my hope like dis.”

“With tinubu Ilera ti de …… bondage, corruption, social unrest is here.”

“With the excitement and the shouting of OBI everywhere should be enough to discourage u people, talk to ur thugs to stop now sabi una say na una go win? Why sending thugs 😒”

“Bad human I’m sure because of tribe and money that’s why you’re here doing all these rubbish. You have no shame.”

“Nigeria can never be progressive with ppl like you…happy to win an election through forceful rigging? Shameless lots.”

“I was admiring the result of the surgery you did because normally, I dislike fat but right now I can see the side effects… So if they succeed in bribing a sugarcane seller, they can also succeed in bribing some celebrities… Hmm Wonders shall never end! Save Nigeria Oh Lord. Turn every counsel of Ahithophel into foolishness 🙌🙏”


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