Actress Shan George debunks alleged neglect of Hanks Anuku

Factual Pursuit of Truth for Progress


Two actresses, Shan George and Adanma Luke, have reacted to the viral video of their colleague, Hanks Anuku.

Recall that on Monday, November 14, a viral video had shown the actor in dirty clothes looking unstable while he roamed the streets.

This is not the first time the actor has reportedly been spotted looking disturbed and a need for concern.

Netizens called Nollywood actors out for not paying attention to one of their own.

In reaction to this, Shan George debunked the rumours, she shared pictures taken from a set three days with the actor.

She said the actor is okay and he played the role of a king in a recently concluded movie.

However, Adanma, who was not having it, shared her opinion.

According to her, the industry is trying to hide the truth about the actor. She said they need to stop with the lies and allow the actor to get the help needed.


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