Bobrisky’s estranged fan, Lord Casted, dies

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A man identified as crossdresser Idris Okuneye, aka Bobrisky’s fan, Lord Casted, is reportedly dead.

The man with real name, Adejowa Ayodeji, had cried out months ago over claims that he contracted HIV virus from the equipment used to ink Bobrisky’s face on his body.

He called the crossdresser out for not fulfilling his side of the bargain. He also begged Bobrisky to assist with funds to treat his illness.

This had resulted in a back and forth online scuffle between the crossdresser and his fan.

Bobrisky referred to Lord Casted as an ingrate who had refused to acknowledge and be appreciative towards the money he gave him and his mother.

However, Lord Casted had insisted that Bobrisky had promised a certain amount of money to fans who tattoo his face on their bodies.

In a new post on his Instagram page on Tuesday, a short statement announcing his passing was shared.

It read, “Public Announcement. We lost the owner of this IG account on the 24th of December 2022 Lordcasted. Ayodeji Adejowa Mufutah.”

The crossdresser is yet to react to the demise of his fan.


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