Day 3: Reconnect with the Quran

Factual Pursuit of Truth for Progress

By Imam Imran Rufai

According to scholars, the Quran is defined as the word of Allah. It is not the word of an angel, King, prophet and definitely not that of any human. The holy book is revealed from heaven from Allah, descending on the heart of Prophet Muhammad (SAW).

Whenever one recites the Quran, it is considered that you are in a state of worship. The holy book was passed to humans through a chain of transmission, across different generations.

The Quran is the book that has faced the test of time and came out unscathed. It has never been edited. The same Quran prophet SAW, Abubakar, the companions and those that followed read is still in use today.

The Quran these days, however, doesn’t receive the attention it used to from the early Muslims. No wonder Quran 25 vs 30, gave us a hint of what will happen on judgement day. It says “And the Messenger has said, O my Lord, indeed my people have taken this Qur’ān as [a thing] abandoned”.

It, therefore, behoves humanity to return to the Quran which serves as a guide, a roadmap to life. Allah said the holy book is ” guidance to those who are God-conscious”. Similarly, Ramadan is a month to God-consciousness. Hence it is time we reconnect the Quran, tracing back our steps to Allah.

Three ways the Quran can be abandoned:

Not showing concern for the Quran

Not reflecting or contemplating over it for those who read

Those who don’t practice what they read

How to reconnect with the Quran

Here are some of the ways to reconnect with the Quran:

1. By reading

2. Studying

4. Listening

5. Point out ‘dos and don’ts’ while readibg

6. Putting everything studied into practice

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