Hatred, unhealthy relationship in Nollywood is heart wrenching – Prince Eke

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Nollywood actor, Prince Oluebube Eke, laments over the state at which Nollywood is presently, compared to Instagram skit makers.

The 40-year-old father of three posted his opinion on his Instagram Story on Friday, July 16.

According to him, the hatred and competition in Nollywood is destroying what the industry is all about.

He compared the support IG Skit makers give to each other to that of Nollywood actors.

He wrote, “There is strength in unity, the way the Instagram Skit makers support each other is so overwhelming.

“If Nollywood is making waves the way the skits makers are, they (Nollywood) won’t give the skit makers the opportunity that they (skit makers) are giving our Nollywood people now.

“The level of hatred and competition in Nollywood is heart wrenching. #Peace.”

Prince Eke was formerly married to popular businesswoman, Muma Gee, and they have a set of twins and another child together. They got divorced in 2011.


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