I have no plans of dumping PDP, Gov Ikpeazu says

Factual Pursuit of Truth for Progress


By Aiyeku Timothy

Abia State Governor, Okezie Ikpeazu has affirmed that he has no plans of dumping the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) for any party other party.

According to Ikpeazu in an interview on Friday, the people of Abia State are comfortable with PDP, adding that the aspirations of the state will be met under the leadership of the party.

He said, “I don’t begrudge those who jump political platforms but for me, I have not seen any reason why I should leave PDP.

“The music of politics as it plays differs from one day to another. Here in Abia, I think that ndi Abia are comfortable with PDP.

“I think the aspirations of ndi Abia will be met under the platform of the PDP. Nobody has been able to convince me that there is a better party for us in Abia than the PDP.

“Not until that happens, I am a strong member of PDP, I am a leader in PDP and in fact, I am the deputy chairman of the PDP Governors Forum. I will rather be a conductor in a moving vehicle than a driver of the stationary vehicle.”


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