‘Marrying two, three, four women help save society’ – Ned Nwoko

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Businessman and husband of actress, Regina Daniels, Ned Nwoko, has buttressed on why he chose polygamy.

Ned, who was in an interview with BBC Igbo aired on April 1, explained the effect of polygamy.

He referred himself to a northerner who marries more than one wives, he said this can make women less promiscuous.

He said marrying more wives means taking more women off the street.

According to him, an average man in Nigeria now has several girlfriends and it’s just polygamy without being official.

He said the Christian religion doesn’t support polygamy.

According to Ned, the business claimed to be adherent to culture and since it allows men to marry more than one wife, he is fine with it.

He said, “The average Northerner marrying two, three, four women. They are helping the society because it is the economic downturn that has affected so many women, who you see doing prostitutes and all that.

“But the fallacy of all is that Christianity does not allow that in the south and yet, the average southern man has 10 girlfriends.

“I love my culture as I know it’s not as they are trying to dilute it. Igbo culture is wonderful and should be promoted the way it has always been.”

Ned also explained that polygamy helps in increasing the nation’s population, making reference to the population in North.

“But even looking at that, look at you population in Nigeria and what I will call economy of marriage, as an Igbo man with one wife, four children, a Northerner has four wives with five children each, in the next 10 years, 20 years, Imagine the population of the Northerners,” he said.


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