‘Nollywood actors would no longer ask for medical assistance online’ – AGN President

Factual Pursuit of Truth for Progress

By Chidinma Ufomadu

The President of the Action Guild of Nigeria (AGN), Emeka Rollas Ejezie, has assured that Nollywood actors would no longer resort to public begging for their medical or health assistance.

The President of AGN made the statement on his Instagram page on Monday.

He explained that the milestone was achieved by having a partnership with Medicard Health Management that would encompass all the members of the AGN, independent actors and actresses in Nigeria.

“Actors Guild of Nigeria, achieved a historic milestone since its existence. We have graciously taken the welfare of our esteemed members high and above measure.

“With your support and the support of the Excos of the AGN, we have successfully signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Medicard Health Management as the approved official Health Management Organisation (HMO) and Health Management Services Provider of the Actors Guild of Nigeria.

“Gentlemen and Ladies of the AGN, I am most delighted to inform you that our members will no longer resort to public begging for their health or medical needs.

“Each and every actor or actress in Nigeria henceforth will enjoy comprehensive HMO cover. With the Partnership we have created with Medicard Health Management, all members of the AGN and independent actors and actresses in Nigeria, will have access to over 600 Hospitals Nationwide for all their Health and Medical needs (Drugs and Treatment Inclusive).”

Ejezie explained that the partnership with Medicard Health Management would not only enable Nollywood actors to benefit from health assistance like Kidney transplant and surgery but they would also have discounts on purchases on meat and chickens nationwide, car insurance renewal and lots more.

In respect to this, he further stated that “In addition to this, we now have a Group Life Insurance cover for all our members; with the partnership we have established with Medicard Nigeria, our members can now access Medical tourism overseas for Kidney Transplant and surgery;

“Our members can also use their cards, to enjoy Discount purchases on Meat and Chicken stores nationwide; Automatic Car Insurance Renewal at zero cost and so much more.

“We are able to achieve this milestone today because we believe that members of the AGN deserve best. Actors and Actresses deserve the best and we will leave no stone unturned to make this a reality.

“I hereby encourage us all, to spread the good news and reach out to the AGN Secretariat of your state, pick any Hospital of your choice, to have yourself and your family onboarded on the HMO scheme. We are flagging off this wonderful initiative on 17th August 2020. We need this and it’s fine for us.

“Long Live the Actors Guild of Nigeria… Long Live The AGN”

Preceding this partnership, some Nollywood actors are known to ask for medical assistance on social media when they have a critical condition or when they have an enormous amount of money to pay for surgeries, transplants and lots more.

Ernest Asuzu, Prince James Uche and Ngozi Nwosu, Victor Toye Olaotan are a few out of many people who have sought medical assistance on social media.


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