‘Planning an Igbo burial is the most stressful thing’, Actress Mary Lazarus laments

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Nollywood actress, Mary Lazarus, has lamented over the conditions of funeral rites in Igbo tradition.

In a post on her Instagram page, the actress spoke about the irrelevant things asked by the people in her mother’s village when it was time to bury her.

She claimed people were requesting for food incessantly like it was their rights, in addition to their requests, both financially and in materials.

In a lengthy post on her Instagram story, she cried out over how these people requested that all the services done for her mother outside the village must be repeated in her mother’s village.

She said, “Planning an Igbo burial is the most stressful thing ever. People that were never part of your life demanding for things they can’t afford, looking for ways to milk you dry.

“Imagine after doing mumsy’s Service of Songs in Lagos, they told us we must repeat it in the village.

“In this order…..Service of Songs, Wake Keep, Burial day, Thanksgiving and people must chop one each of this four days o… on the burial day.

“A woman came in saying ‘Oh you must serve Reverend food before corpse get to the church.

“She started mentioning … Eba separate, rice, chicken, meat, drinks, peppersoup, even Nkwobi. How did you know we cooked all these…”


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