Senate considers creation of database for cows, goats

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A bill seeking to create a database for cows in the country is being considered by members of the red chamber.

The bill which seeks establishment of an act for National Livestock Bureau scaled second reading at the Senate’s plenary session on Tuesday.

The bill is sponsored by the Senator representing Niger South and the agency to be created will be in charge of identification, traceability and registration of livestock such as cows and goats to among other things to curb cattle rustling.

It will also ensure the protection, control and management of all livestock in Nigeria.

This is not the first time this kind of bill will be sponsored; a similar bill was considered by the Senate in the eighth assembly but it was not passed.

Some of the duties of the bureau being created include to: create a national livestock identification database; control movement of livestock and ensure their management to prevent disease outbreaks.

It is also charged with ensuring food safety, transparency and information in the food chain, as well as the prevention of cattle rustling to end the prolonged farmer/herder conflict in Nigeria.

Speaking on the benefits of the proposed Law, Enagi said it willl help address the diseases and other threats to human lives caused by the movement of livestock, apart from checking cattle rustling.

He said the agency in charge will also ensure that animal products being imported into, or sold in Nigeria are easily traced to ensure human safety.

The senator said livestock identification by the agency will include ownership and other details including their origin, birthplace, sex and breed.

After deliberating on the bill, the red chamber referred it to its committee on agriculture and rural development for further action.












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