Singer Blackface condemns Asake, calls him out for intellectual property theft

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Singer Blackface has called his junior colleague, Asake, out for stealing his song and not giving credit.

The singer who is well known for calling people out for stealing his song, has berated Asake for remixing his song and not paying homage especially after such an amount of money was made from it.

Blackface said Asake should do the proper thing because he wouldn’t be accepting an apology from anyone anytime soon.

His tweet read,, “You spend $165k dollars to shoot musical video for your artist. Una no fit use 100 naira call the owner of the song before una remix am.

“Una dey form say una smart I believe. E better make una do the right thing because this one I no go sorry for una! I dey come.”

When replying to fans, he said artistes can not use samples, crafts without proper permission.

He tweeted, “The love music I know. But that doesn’t give them the right to sample, remake or remix works I have already released without proper permission? I guess they are the real ones sabotaging me while they steal my works N some of una self no know what’s original and what’s fake.

“My people are never like just some uncreative stage occupies stealing others intellectual properties without fear of copyright laws.

“Them never use them as example yet very soon copycats go find out say they can run but they can’t hide.”


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