There are no recipes to a successful marriage – Toke Makinwa

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Serial entrepreneur and media personality, Toke Makinwa, has revealed her opinion on relationships, stating that there are no manuals to how relationships work.

Makinwa took to her IG story on Wednesday, April 7, 2021 to give relationship advice to people in committed relationships.

According to her, people are only lucky to last long in relationships. She said a man or woman will still leave if they are not feeling it in their relationship regardless on the effort you make.

She said, “The earlier people realize that these relationship/ marriage is not rocket science but luck. You are truly lucky and blessed to experience love, commitment, compatibility, e.t.c.

“There are no recipes to a successful marriage, no rule books to what works. 2 people make a choice to be desirable and spend time working to keep what they have.

“If you like, read all the books. Cook all the meals, have the most explosive s*x styles, what will work, will work. What will scatter, will scatter. It’s life, it’s lessons, it’s seasons. Thank you all for coming to my TedTalk.”

Makinwa laid emphasis on luck when it comes to finding forever with a life partner.

She said, “For those shocked that I said ‘Luck’, Yes Luck cos what are the odds of you finding love that’ll last the test of time in the world. You are truly lucky and blessed that that which is not in our control happened for you both.

“Those who haven’t experienced or are not as lucky as you are not less desirable, It’s just not in the cards for them (yet). Not everyone will experience it too. So yes, you are both “lucky” to have found yourselves on this side of eternity,” she said.

She also suggested men should be allowed seminars on how to meet up with standards since women are often chastised to meet up with certain standards so they can find the right man.

Toke finalized her divorce with ex-husband, Maje Ayida, in 2017. She even made a book out of her marriage.


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