Why EFCC broke into my hotel room – Biodun Stephen

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Nigerian Filmmaker, Abiodun Stephen, narrated her ordeal with EFCC while resting in her hotel room.

Stephen posted on her Instagram account yesterday, July 20, explaining how her privacy was invaded.

According to her, this act is the norm EFCC uses to arrest their offenders.

She wrote, “This is how I slept in a hotel whilst filming last week. Next thing I open my eyes at a little past 3am. What did I see? Swipe to read.

“Two men dressed in black with weapon. I thought I was dreaming. Then I heard the door to my room close. I sprang up and without shouted… Stay right there!!! Who are you!!! They replied: ‘We are EFCC.’ My head spark. Are you kidding me?

“You enter into my room unannounced?? EFCC: ‘We knocked and no response. You decide to enter my room? You should have kept on knocking. I was sleeping like any normal person would.

“One just open his mouth like waaaa. ‘Where is the man of the room?’ I first confuse. The who?. He replied, ‘your partner’. Anger well up inside me…Is this one roving mad?.

“His partner realised his folly because he quickly apologised. You are not who we are looking for. I watched as they interviewed guests rudely and arrested a few. They know the people they were after.

“I lost sleep afterwards. Then I heard this is the new thing with EFCC. They burst into hotel rooms in the middle of night…

“…I mean, the hotel is a really decent hotel so I couldn’t understand how this could happen. They alleged EFCC barrages their way in. A mess I tell you.”


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