Why men should marry more wives – Actor Ibrahim Chatta

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Nollywood actor, Ibrahim Chatta, has given reasons men should endeavour to marry more than one wife.

The actor said this is a viral video with his colleague, Femi Adebayo, present in it.

Femi had thrown a question to his fans with a quote, “LIFE ISN’T FAIR ON MEN IN HOMES”.

He asked if it is fair for women to devote their 100% attention to their children when they are younger, while in the process leaving the men out of their love and attention.

He said it’s also unfair for the children to shower attention on their mothers alone when they are much older.

In response to that, Chatta said it is always advisable for men to have more than one wife because when they are older, there will be more than one wife taking care of the aged man, especially when one wife decides to neglect the man in the future.


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