‘You’re lucky I gave you only eye’, Cubana Chiefpriest reacts to fan

Factual Pursuit of Truth for Progress


Socialite Pascal Chibuike also known as Cubana Chiefpriest, has reacted to a viral video showing the distasteful look he gave to a fan who had made a video of him.

He came under scrutiny after some netizens claimed Cubana chief priest gave the fan that look because he wasn’t up to standard over his social status.

In reaction to the viral video, Cubana chiefpriest stated that the fan should be lucky he only gave him a nasty attitude followed with a look.

He narrated his side of the story stating that the fan had work to do inside the hall in preparation for a party but instead he was out making videos.

Cubana chiefpriest said he doesn’t encourage laziness nor is he in support of negligence.

He wrote, “Don’t lose focus, stay committed to your job, you were paid to deliver and arrange seats.

“Job still undone you left the seats to come up the stage to make videos when soundcheck is going on when my venue is not set yet.

“I don’t entertain jonzing put your work first you get luck say na only eye I give you.”


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