Being famous is a curse – Mofe Duncan

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Ace actor, Mofe Duncan, has lamented over the struggles of being famous.

The actor was slammed for stating to have purchased four fingers of plantain for N6000.

Duncan took to his Instagram to stand by his words, claimimg he looked for plantain for one hour before he had no choice but to buy the one he got. In a state of humour, he lamented about how the plantain ended up not sweet.

He wrote this in a post he made on Monday, June 14.

In a series of IG story, he said, “Lol. So Plantain is causing problem like this? Country has issuea, celebrities keep quiet… They are accused. They make a statement, they are liars. I don chop d plantain sef and e no even sweet.

“The People always fight or question posts so vehemently even if a post was designed to favour them in the long run.

“It wasn’t their money. It wasn’t their plantain. Yet they have ideas that I dey lie. Okay. Na una know. It’s not a big deal, it’s just dodo.

He went on to praise his fellow colleagues for being able to stand the constant criticism from their fans.

He wrote, “Its crazy though, they weren’t there o but yet they are so sure of the facts.

“Celebrities una de try sha. You marry, na lie, you breakup, na lie, you give birth, na lie, you say something, na lie, you don’t say something, na still lie.

“Everything you do is questioned and dissected. You scrutinize every post you’re about to put up because you have to be sure it’s not blog worthy.

“After driving 1hr to find plantain, N6000 was a small token to pay for my own happiness, yet I de lie.

“Being famous is a curse sometimes. The Bloody plantain no even sweet sef. Na that one dey pain me pass!”


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