Feminism responsible for domestic violence – Pete Edochie

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Veteran Nollywood actor, Pete Edochie, in an interview with BBC Igbo, stated his own reasons why there is an increase in domestic violence.

In the TV interview released on Wednesday, March 31, the actor described the prime factor for the increase as feminism.

“Feminism is not something black people are known for. Once a woman leaves her parents to meet her husband and takes his surname, she is to be submissive to them.

“If she wasn’t married, she can do whatever she wants, our women now plunge into feminism nowadays. They can’t even keep their husbands anymore. Is that a good thing?”

Edochie also stressed on the fact that women nowadays ignore their daily chores all in the name of feminism, he said some lack in common chores like cooking.

“Women who can’t cook aren’t supposed to call themselves women. And feminism is what causes women to be beaten up in marriages. You complain to a woman and she retorts.

“It becomes unbearable so you stretch your hand and deal her a slap…”

The actor stated the need to go back to the culture and stop embracing things done by white men.

“I’m a strong adherent of culture. Kneeling to put a ring on a woman’s hand is not our culture,” he said.


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