Netizens react to BBNaija’s Kaisha’s disturbing mental illness

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Reactions are pouring over the disturbing photos of former BBNaija’s Kaisha circulating the media in the early hours of Thursday, November 2022.

A blogger had shared that the housemate who is allegedly mentally ill was spotted outside their estate looking unruly and disturbed.

It was reported that she was seen around Ikota, Lekki.

According to the blogger, the illness had started days ago and her sister was the one in charge of taking care of her but she had stepped out leaving Kaisha to roam the streets with no shoes and scattered hair.

It is also gathered that her BBNaija colleagues are aware of her illness but are not bothered.

The post read, “Hello tueh tueh, this is for all BBNaija Alumni, one of you guys is mentally down and her situation is so critical now.

“She has mental illness and not well taken care of. Instead of the manager to seek help she took down all her pictures from her verified page and left it empty. As it now even her business page can’t function again as it is only the sister that is taking care of her.

“As at yesterday she was still seen in her estate, Ikota Lekki roaming about without a shoe and hair so rough. I guess the sister who is taking care of her stepped out to get something hence she was able to come out.

“Infact she passes out sometimes in the estate and the sister has been managing her. Some of this BBN people know but chose to look away. Let’s all not be too quick to type RIP.

“Now that she is still here, this is a call for help! Alumni una know who I dey talk Ikota, Lekki she dey live.”

In reaction to this, her colleague, Uriel, stated triggers of depression especially for the reality TV stars.

She said fame comes with a lot of worries because once it ends, it messes up with your mental health.

Uriel wrote, “When you have fame in abundance, endorsement deals flying. Then bang it stops!!!

“This is a major trigger into depression. You can’t mentally phantom why those brands have stopped calling you.

“In 4 months you have gone from being ok with eating from local Buka’s to only 5 star restaurant. You went from buying a new wig every so often, to every week. Because you can afford it doesn’t mean it’s financially liable.

“It’s a fast train don’t let the crowd allow you miss your rightful destination.”

Her fans prayed for healing. Some of her fans took to her business page to comment on her page.

Another fan stated that Kaisha while in the house had behaved funny so many times.

It read, “I noticed this lady act weird atimes why she was in the show, she talks alone especially when taking her drink…she likes staying alone. Gosh coming out to bbn trolls too nd competition here nd here God heal Kaisha ijn.”

Just months ago, the housemate had cried out over her mental health. She said she wanted her life back before the reality TV.


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