Nollywood stars slam Yomi Fabiyi’s stand on Baba Ijesha’s rape scandal

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Nollywood stars, especially Yoruba movie actors have reacted to Yomi Fabiyi’s allegations that
Baba Ijesha was set up.

Recall that Baba Ijesha was arrested on allegations of child’s molestation.

Just this morning, April 28, 2021, Comedian Princess revealed intriguing news concerning the rape case and the victim.

According to her, the victim is her foster daughter and Baba Ijesha committed the act in her house, seven years ago and recently.

This news triggered the reactions of other nollywood actresses who at some point had supported Baba Ijesha and those that rebuked it from the start like Iyabo Ojo, Tonto Dike and the rest.

Iyabo Ojo took to her Instagram today, to address the matter, calling her colleague, Yomi Fabiyi out.

According to her, Yomi Fabiyi misled some actors without making proper investigation of the matter.

In her words, she said, “You are the one that escalated this whole wahala, If you did not put up your write-up, the likes of Foluke Daramola and my other fellow colleagues will not repost it.

“You put up your write-up without doing your proper investigation…”

Iyabo Ojo also rebuked Yomi for comparing Baba Suwe’s case to this rape scandal.

She said, “The fact that you were comparing Baba Suwe’s case to Baba Ijesha.. It’s two different things.”

Another actress, Foluke Daramola, made another video to explain herself, stating the need for her previous action, saying the reason she why she made her earlier statement was to get a concrete evidence before they agree to take actions.

Daramola claimed she has been a rape victim before, hence, she’s aware of the careless ways the society handles cases like this. She also apologized for misconceptions.

According to her, she got her information from Yomi Fabiyi and she only supported the idea of waiting to get real facts before taking the matter up.

“I would never support rapists, If there was a misconception at any point in time, I’m very sorry,” she said.

Daramola also revealed it was all Yomi’s idea to compare Baba Suwe’s case with Baba Ijesha.

Nkechi posted on her Instagram concerning the case. An excerpt from her caption reads: “It’s high time parents stop leaving their kids in the hands of strangers. If CCTV too cost, use your eye as the camera that watches the child you carried for 9 months…

“Does labor pain mean anything to you at all?”

Afrobeat superstar, Davido, also reacted to the actor’s picture and said, “B*tch, it’s on sight.”

Media personality, Dotun, has reacted to the case too. Commenting under Iyabo’s video, he said, “For him to ask for a video, it shows how warped up his mind is. A child that has been scarred for life.

“What would be the intention of revealing the video…People need to think of what they want to say before they type it….It’s an obvious disconnect in that aspect in this time and age…So sad.”


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