Why you should not disclose your infidelity to your partner – Actor Seun Jimoh

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Actor Seun Sean Jimoh has advised women not to reveal their extra-marital secrets with their significant other.

The actor on his Instagram page revealed his reasons in a post he shared.

He said men do not easily forget cheating scandals or secrets. He added that they can only pretend to forgive but they don’t eventually and they proceed to hurt the woman.

He described infidelity secrets as a hard pill to swallow by men.

His post read, “Dear female, I know this may be a hard pill for men to swallow, if you ever chest on your man by mistake, don’t ever confess!

“Keep it between you and God. Ken don’t forgive cheating and if they do, they will hold it over and punish you with it for the rest of your life.”


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